I frequently start—and rarely finish—projects, both for fun and to learn new concepts. Here are some of my projects worth sharing, past and present.

🤏 pinch

In progress SolidJS UI/UX



Pinch is a small bouldering project tracker I after being annoyed that every other app or website required an account. It hosts all your data entirely in localstorage, which is great for privacy and losing all your data easily.

This was my first foray into web design in quite some time and I rather enjoyed using SolidJS for the first time, javascript aside.


💨 thpptphtphphhph

In progress htmx websockets


This started as a meme for a blog post, but now is an over-engineered meme, and powers reactions on some posts. This was my first exposure to htmx which has been somewhat of a revelation for me. Using django in combination with htmx has been an absolute joy so far.