Hello there, this is a collection of my projects and thoughts.

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  1. 2023
  2. The um-dash
  3. thpptphtphphhph


  4. 2022 emoji year in review
  5. The death of homegrown convenience
  6. 2022
  7. I made a crimp block

    Making a crimp block for climbing training and documenting the process.

  8. Musical pomodoro

    A thinly-veiled ad for an album I like, masquerading as a post about productivity and focus.

  9. The unbridled joy of creation

    Recovering some of the joy of software development in the absense of agile, code review, and general good practices.

  10. Fixing a broken mouse the hard way

    How to spend all your free time fixing broken hardware with software instead of purchasing more e-waste.

  11. Fork this mess

    A surprising deadlock in python’s multiprocessing Pool.

  12. 2021
  13. Lemon pasta is better than kraft dinner

    If you’ve ever wondered if kraft dinner is the peak of pasta, read on.

  14. 2020
  15. Replacing horrible OEM logos

    How to replace an ugly OEM logo with something that makes you feel good

  16. Finding an XDP regression in xdpgeneric

    A quick summary of a XDP regression I found and reported

  17. Quick and dirty BPF map updates with bpftool

    Making dank memes with bpftool

  18. 2019
  19. About the blog

    This blog will be more interesting once I stop spending all my time setting up scaffolding.